Solar Power Systems

Solar power systems have increasingly become a preferred source of energy for residential and commercial spaces because of their popularity as cheaper energy source and a more environmentally-friendly choice.

Why go solar?
Huge energy savings; the more investments you make in moving your home or office to a fully solar power source, the higher the savings you score on electricity bills. While solar might be a huge investment starting out, the long term benefits are immense as the cost of getting energy from the sun is FREE
Environmentally safe and green-friendly; investing in solar energy means you help contribute to a safer, greener environment, help fight climate change and help minimize the effects of greenhouse emissions
Government benefits; going solar means that you get to enjoy credits and cash rewards as payment for your contribution towards a cleaner, safer environment.
Increase in property value; Solar power investments in any property can shoot up the property’s value by thousands of dollars –meaning, you get to recoup your investments and make a little more, should you decide to move house or office (coupled with the incentives you get from government, that is not a bad deal)

What you need to know before going solar
Getting your home on a solar power system is more than putting up panels and converting solar energy to usable energy. Before investing in solar power systems for your home or office, it is important you take important factors like the design and architectural structure, energy needs, budget etc. 
We take care of everything from planning to design and installation and we offer excellent after sale service to ensure that you get 100% service satisfaction.