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Why do i need a general contractor for my restoration job?

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

under the cslb law theres over 60 diffrent trades, each one of the trade is basically a profession and if someone hold one of the trade licsnce so it says that he had over 4 years field expirence in the field and he passed the cslb exem in the trade and also that he bonded and insuerd.

now, in a restoration project, there are many trades involved- the first trade is demolition (is it is a trade) after that we have insulation - trade also, next two trades come to picture are electrical and plumbing- fix pipes, relocate or replace outlets/wires because of water damage, then kill the mold - certification, and when we all clean and ready we use another two trades to finish the job- drywall contractor and paint and decor contractor.

a lot of trades for a leak right? but thats the right and only way to do it

as a general contractor you allowed to do all these trades. and restore any damge project.

maybe you will find someone to do the job, but if he is not a general contractor he isn't insured and you neither !



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