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The right materials and techniques for your bathroom remodeling

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

The Importance of rough materials in your new shower

The code is a king - Pull a permit!

First, Lets talk about demo and preps...

Demo to the studs means purification!

From our experience. The average homeowner will look into remodeling the bathroom every 15-20 years.

And if you just got the house/apt and you want to know How old is my bathroom?

you can get a sense how old is the bathroom from the tiles, plumbing fixtures and codes (Bath exhaust fan, GFCI etc.)

There are few reasons to demo the bathrooms to the studs:

-Its filthy! Even if it looks clean. with years, humidity and moisture will penitreat the walls and will create a perfect habitat for bacteria. Research shows that just on your bathtub surface you will have 120,000 bacteria per sq inch!



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