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Check that your contractor is remodeling your kitchen correctly

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Here a list of things the must happen when you remodeling your kitchen!

1. Skim Coat

This is a coat of mud that apply on the old walls and ceiling,

The right way to do it is, to crack open all the current dents that on the old walls, patch sand and primer, after that apply between 3-4 layers of mud and trowel them to perfect smooth finish or texture if needed,

This will give your walls beautiful look like there just been built regardless the house age.

2. Upgrade Plumbing

Make sure that during your project, all the drywall around plumbing valves and drainage are exposed, that the areas inspected for water damage and that the pipes are being upgraded to blue copper and valves replaced, also, it is recommended to add shut-off valves to all the water fixtures that being installed, this is will prevent expensive fixing in future leaks, make sure all the welding is being correctly made between galvanized and copper.

And under sink plumbing should be metal for long lasting

3. Upgrade Electrical

Another important thing to consider before starting the kitchen remodeling is, to determine if during the kitchen remodeling, the current electric panel box will be able to carry the new load since in new kitchen you will probably have new light fixtures, more outlets or new appliances.

Also, during the project, electrical upgrades like, metal plates, arc fault breakers, rewiring and fire caulking are extremely important and even dangerous if not applied in the new kitchen.

4. Cabinets quality

Your choose between RTA cabinets, semi custom or full custom cabinets will be determined by budget and design,but still there are few things you need to remember.

First, the boxes should be all plywood construction, make sure the shelves, sides boards and back boards are treated plywood thicker then 1/2"

Warranty, Try to find supplier that will give at least 5 years for the cabinets and the job

KCMA certification, Check that the manufacturer has this certification just to make sure your kitchen is not toxic and will hold the performance

5. Counter Tops

The counter tops should have one year warenty at least, Before instaliton inspect the counters to see that there are no dents - cracks, loose pices, dicoloreition or scrathes

Before proper instalition, a 3/4" treated plywood should install as a base for the counters

6. Mold Resistant Materials

Some surveys shows that we spend 12% from our life in the kitchen.

For a room that important, the air quality should be not less then perfect, so, how we do it?

Make sure all the drywall will be Mold Resistant Drywall, Also, the thin set and the grout for back splash and flooring should be mold resistant, all wood and lumber must be anti-mold resistant, Mold Resistant Insulation , Mold Resistant Drywall Tape, Mold Resistant Paint, Mold Resistant Caulk, Mold Resistant Sealant, floating cement in shower



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