Grey Water System

If you are looking for a smart and efficient way to save money and reduces water bill payment expenses without having to deal with water shortage, a grey water system installation is the answer to your needs.
Grey water helps you recycle waste water from sinks, drains, washing machines, baths and similar waste water sources (except for toilet water which is contaminated with fecal matter) into reusable water for non-consumption purposes ( flushing toilets, landscape irrigation, outdoor cleaning, etc)

Advantages of installing grey water system
Huge cost savings on the use of fresh water – having grey water system installed means you can effectively cut your water bill to cover just drinking, cooking and washing. 
Great ecological benefits – beyond recycling a valuable resource of nature, you help reduce waste buildup in your own way and you give plants water that has compost matter which is great for their growth
Reduced energy bill spent on treated water – grey water helps you save energy costs that would otherwise have been diverted to treated  fresh water for toilet use, landscaping and outdoor washing needs.
Huge relief for overloaded septic tanks – grey water helps to drastically reduce the pressure on your septic tank (arising significantly from diverting grey waste water to the sewage). A grey water system is designed to trap all waste water (asides toilet water), recycle and provide for re-use and it continues in this cycle.

More reasons to let us help you install grey water system into your home
It’s economical, it’s safe and very affordable
We create and install an easy to understand, easy-to operate and easy-to-maintain system and;
You would be doing yourself and your environment a HUGE favor!