Are you noticing drywall cracks, jammed doors and windows that do not open easily and seem stuck? If you are facing issues such as foundation wall cracks, brick or mortar veneer cracks or cracked floor slabs, you need to immediately call a reputable foundation repair expert and if you are in California, we are here to take the load off of your shoulders.

Our experts will provide you comprehensive consultation, outlining the steps needed to fix the foundation. Not all foundations suffer from serious damage which take a rather long time to fix. Therefore, you need a reliable foundation repair expert who can assess the damage and suggest the best and most cost-effective way to fix it as soon as possible.

Damage to your home or commercial foundation can occur immediately after construction or a few years later. The reason is usually the changes occurring in within the soils naturally that support the foundation of your house or building. The moisture content in soil, poor compaction of filling soils or weak native clay are the main causes of weakening foundations. At CHI, we offer our clients permanent solutions and offer to repair and build their foundations back on solid ground.

CHI has a mission to protect your home’s structure from future damage with a good foundation! The products and materials that we use to repair the foundations are proven stabilization products (including galvanized steel) and our professional workforce ensures your foundation has been permanently restored to a structurally sound and completely safe state.

Following are some of the benefits of our foundation repair services:

Warranty against additional settlement
Value of your property is restored
Year-round installation and repair services
Corrosion resistant ensuring a life long span