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Best way to increase the value of the house - Renovation of the shower was chosen by many sites and magazines to the first place among the various rooms in the house, even more than the kitchen! 

It turns out that real estate investors and people who start renovating a house with the intention of selling it will start with the shower.


Home Purification - the bathroom is the mustiest room in the house and the first place most of us go first thing in the morning and the last place before we go to bed, during the day we will go there to clean up or when nature calls us, that's what makes the bathroom to a really active place for germs and bacterias.

in the bathroom, Moisture is created and with the combination of oxygen, we get the best Growing farm mold salmonella and other unpleasant things.

in bathroom renovation, the elements that could collect the germs and bacterias - toilets, tiles, flooring, tub, sink and even walls are being replaced, what could have a good impact on your health and quality of life.


Energy Efficiency - The Bathroom is the room where we consume the majority of our water Bill, and if you have leaks its even worst, the average daily water consumption is 80-120 gallons a day per person, during a bathroom remodel it's easy to lower the consumption by installing energy efficient water fixtures.  

and lower your water bill and save the plant.


Adjustments  - life is very dynamic and our house needs to keep up with the changes.

Sometimes we need to adjust our living spaces to major changes in our life such as Age, Health condition, new borns or tenants. for example, Age or Health condition will require a bathroom that is safer and accessible, same with a new born or tenants that will require more storage space or different fixtures for cleaning and washing.   


So Why Cedars Remodeling? 

It's Not a Sunday Project

A bathroom remodeling is not a simple project. The project will include many trades that will have to be performed under Licensed and Insured supervision within the code guidelines. 

Experience and Knowledge are a necessity.  

No Stuck Trucks or Sick Days

We are on top of the project, We will be there every day and on time.

You will see progress every day. Our company will deliver your project on time under your terms. 

You Are Not Going To Pay Us To Learn

Bathrooms are right down our alley. We have experience with all the rough phases and the different finishes- This is will help you avoiding delays and expensive change orders.

Honey? Did You Hear From The Contractor?

Healthy daily communication between you and the crew will create the best process with the best results.

We are a big believers in the "no question marks attitude". Means, that from the get go  you know exactly what you getting to avoid miscommunication disappointments.   

High End Materials - High End Feeling

Our commitment to quality will promise you a long lasting bathroom. 

All the materials and techniques that we are purchasing for your project are high end and have long warranty.  

 Some Of Our Projects: