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Remodel Your Bathroom 
Get a Free Design & Estimate Meeting With Cedars Remodeling.

Cedars Remodeling offers the best bathroom remodeling experience. we specialize in a complete bathroom remodeling, custom bathrooms, showers replacement, tubs replacement, custom cabinets, tiles and counters and more.

Due to current projects locations - Special Rates In Burbank 

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The Details

Precision is the first element of beauty 

"Picky" is not a bad word, because we are "picky"! 

Our rule of thumb is very simple - Less then perfect is not acceptable. 

We see everything and we always make sure that the fixtures and tiles are lined up.

That the room layout is in proportions, that the walls are plumped and the floors are even.

We are pretty good with knowing what will look good so we don't need to guess.  

The methods, The tools, & The workmanship will not leave gap for mistakes 

The Materials & Methods 

Experience is the best teacher 

The materials and techniques that we are choosing for your project are the result of many years of experience.

Also, all the materials been chosen carefully and passed our company tests.

The materials are all covered by a manufacture warranty.and so as our labor. 

We are certified to use innovating applications, and to treat water damage.

With this knowledge we can guarantee strong construction that will last. 

In you project, you will have a contractor on site that will not cut corners and will provide warranty.

The Team

Good hands and good heart

Our goal is to provide you the best remodeling experience that you could imagine.

In our opinion being every day on time is a wonderful thing, Same with communication and transparency with our clients. 

Sticking to the original quote is a bless. And why not doing a small handyman chores for you around the house if we are already working there?

We feel comfortable with giving you more then were getting -This is what keeps us in business.

We love what we do so it comes with a big smile and empathy

The Reviews 

The WOW effect

Forget what you know about construction and remodeling.

With Cedars Remodeling you will never feel like you paid too early or too much,or like the project is going too slow. 

Our goal is to complete your project before delivery time and 

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You, You, & You Again.

For us you are more then just another project 

The materials that we are choosing for your project are the result of many years of experience.

We are installing only materials that offer warranty and that can successfully pass the time test.

To learn more about the materials warranty you can visit here 

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