Synthetic Grass

Are you interested in having a clean, green lawn that will require as little care as possible? 
The answer lies in opting for the synthetic grass solution. Don’t be fooled by its name; synthetic grass offers durability, aestheticism and safety without compromising on texture, look and feel. 

Who is Synthetic grass perfect for?
For mothers with small kids; you don’t have to worry about them getting all muddy and dirtied up and you can be sure that your kids have a safe area to play on
For elderly people who like a green, low maintenance lawn; synthetic grass can look like real grass but save you the stress of cutting, pruning and maintaining real grass
For busy people; now you do not have to spend your weekends pruning, pulling, mowing and packing. Synthetic grass are super easy to maintain and you are saved the stress of dealing with unwanted weeds

Advantages of synthetic grass
Time saving
Durable material
Kids and pets safe
Easy maintenance
Environmentally safe and friendly

Before you buy and install your synthetic grass
Synthetic grass comes in various colors, textures and lengths. It is best you seek the advice of a synthetic grass expert to help you know which type will be best for your needs. Beyond giving you valuable information and advice, we also help you get quality at the most competitive price and we are experts at installation so you do not have to worry about poor installation or attendant safety hazards