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With You

On Every Phase Of Expending

Your Living Space 


Cedars Design & Remodeling Inc specializes in delivering high quality room additions and garage conversion projects. 

Our experienced experts will assess the existing structure and plans. We will determine the best way and techniques to deliver your project; ensuring  a long lasting newly added structure. 


Our commitment to punctuality:

Our goal is to provide you the fastest stress-free experience, without jeopardizing the quality of your project.

We will make sure that you will see daily progress in the job site with no "empty days" or "stuck trucks" days. 


Provide you a construction diagram:

In a project with so many phases, building up a diagram for the job is a necessity. Then, you as the customer can see the different trades we are working broken down by dates. 


Our commitment to quality: 

High-end materials mean long warranty and a high-end feeling. 

We perform our project with the highest standards in the industry. Quality assurance is present in the job site on a daily base.  

Our team members are detail oriented and pursue perfection in their trade. 


Our commitment to integrity: 

Integrity in construction means transparency with our clients and no cutting corners when it comes to trades. 

We treat our clients like family:

We appreciate daily communication and your house. Therefore, a clean job site, good relationships with neighbors, and fairly scheduled payments during the project are just a glimpse of the things we are committed to at Cedars Remodeling. 

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