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We Are Detail Oriented! We miss nothing! 

Quality in Materials & Techniques Creates a Flawless Finish. 
In Cedars Remodeling, Quality is one of our biggest assets. We know what materials will be the best for your project and our ability to apply them in the right method will promise a perfect finish that will last. 
All materials and methods used have been tried and tested to ensure quality through continuous improvement. 


We actually show up on time! 

Being on time and working every day is the best way to keep the project smooth. 

In Cedars Remodeling, 99% our projects are being delivered before the original completion date.  

We believe in transparency in timing and letting our customers know about the schedule everyday.

With our perfect time management during the project, we will make sure that the materials are on site that the crew will be on time, and all the inspections will be scheduled in a timely manner to avoid days without progress.


Forget what you know about General Contractors!

Integrity in construction starts from communication and continuous in the labor. 

Standing behind our "words" means the world for us. With us, you will never wonder what is included and what is not. 

Integrity in labor means - no cutting corners and making sure that we are doing everything right during each phase of the project. 


Good communication is key to ensuring that the project meets the clients' expectations and is completed successfully.


We place a high emphasis on effective communication with our clients throughout the project. We maintain open lines of communication and keep our clients informed about the progress of the project, any changes that may arise, and any decisions that need to be made. We also listen actively to our clients' concerns, questions, and feedback, and respond promptly and appropriately.

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